Mental Illness 101

On Monday, I blogged about mental health. On Tuesday, I blogged about my own personal way of prioritizing my mental health. Today, I will talk about “mental illness.” Before I started working in psychiatry, I confused mental illness and mental health. I discovered that although we ALL have mental health, we do not all have a mental illness.Mental illness is a condition that has a … Continue reading Mental Illness 101

It’s ok to ask for help.

I saw this on social media and it resonated with me. I can say I love you or I’m sorry. Yet, asking for help is often difficult. And, saying that last word sounds like worship shower. Having a lisp doesn’t help.    Yesterday, I discussed ways to maintain your mental health/ practice self care and asking for help is one of them.    Asking help … Continue reading It’s ok to ask for help.

Mental Health 101

There seems to be much confusion surrounding mental health and mental illness. This year has been pretty challenging for most of us. And our mental health has been impacted like never before. Mental health and mental illness might appear to be the same but they are different! I hope that today’s blog entry will help you to have a better understanding of what mental health … Continue reading Mental Health 101

Acting opposite of how you feel

If you remember my post on 5 Tips to Deal With Uncomfortable Emotions, I introduced an acronym called ARTSY. ARTSY is: Acknowledge the fear  Research the topic  Talk to someone  Shift your perspective You got this Today, we will discuss a technique that I learned rom Dialectical Behavioral Therapy that helps you to shift your perspective. Opposite action is exactly how it sounds.  It means to act the … Continue reading Acting opposite of how you feel

Five Tips for Dealing With Uncomfortable Emotions

I went live on Instagram as an opportunity to “check-in” with others.  This election week is exhausting, and I think it is essential to manage our emotions during these times.  Recently, I came up with an acronym to deal with fear called “ARTSY.”  However, this acronym could be used to deal with any emotions.   Acknowledge the emotion Research the issue that’s causing the emotion  … Continue reading Five Tips for Dealing With Uncomfortable Emotions

My Election Self Care Plan

I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations on the way home yesterday and the news broadcaster announced that 55% of Americans feel anxious about the outcome of today’s election.    And, I understand all of it. I understand that fear is a normal emotion. If I think about the possible outcomes of the election and what could follow too long, it can be … Continue reading My Election Self Care Plan

Being P.E.R-sonal in your relationships

I think that sometimes we can overcomplicate relationships. When I say relationships, this refers to all types of relationships. Whether we want to be or not, we are somehow always in relationship with people.  

In life, it can be so easy to find something to get upset about and cut people off.  However, my various life experiences have taught me the importance of bearing with people.  Sometimes this is easier to do than other times.  But when there is a genuine love for the other person, I am willing to navigate difficult times with them.  

I think that sometimes we forget that when we are in relationships with other people, there are two different people involved. These two people have different values, perceptions, beliefs, etc that make who they are as a person.  However, I do believe that exercising three key qualities can help us as we are in relationship with others. Cultivating patience, empathy, and respect in our relationships can help us to form and maintain healthy relationships, or at-least maintain our dignity. 


Patience is more than just waiting for someone to return a phone call, reply to a message or to arrive as promised.  I believe that patience is hopeful and it endures.  It does not give up.  I think that sometimes we give up on people too easily.  Patience acknowledges another person’s flaws but also realizes that we are both a work in progress. When we are patient with others, we remind them of how much we believe in and value them.  

Now, I don’t believe in enduring abuse from others or dealing with individuals who refuse to accept accountability for their actions.  I think at some point, we have to cut off those unhealthy relationships.  However, there are other times when we could be a little more patient with others.  After all, if it is the relationship that we truly value, the other things will work themselves out in time. 

Patience could involve having open discussion about what it is that’s bothering you so that the relationship can move forward.  

Continue reading “Being P.E.R-sonal in your relationships”