Mindful Nuggets Podcast

Hello! I started a podcast on February 4, 2022 and it is called “Mindful Nuggets.”

Mindful Nuggets is podcast to help you to be aware of valuable information regarding the intersection of spiritual wellness and mental wellness.

I have often found myself in conversations with people and nuggets were shared on my end or their end.  I found myself wanting to write those things down or share them with someone else.

Other times, I find myself in deep thought about things and thought it’ll be great to share these things with someone!  However, there was not always someone readily available to share those things with. 

So, I decided to start a podcast.  Anyone who really knows me knows that I am excited about the intersection of mental wellness and spiritual wellness.

While the podcast is geared towards “Christians”, anyone can benefit.

Listen to Mindful Nuggets on Anchor

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