It is not sinful to talk about mental health

If you are new here, GREETINGS and thank you for joining me.

I had my first mental health workshop via zoom the other night. Someone on the call asked: “is it sinful to have anxiety or depression?”

There are people who believe this because the Bible says to be anxious for nothing. 

There are situational things that can lead to anxiety and there is a chronic type of anxiety. It’s like you wouldn’t tell an obese person to just go on a diet to loose weight. That person has to get an understanding of why they do what they do and learn new habits. They have to slowly take steps in order to make improvements. 

Biblically, we are encouraged to renew our mind, this takes time!

The book of psalms has many psalms about people who were anxious, depressed, angry and the Lord met them in that place!

So, it is not sinful to have anxiety or depression or to discuss mental health.

One time for the people in the BACK: It is not sinful to talk about mental healthIt is sinful to make people feel sinful for having their mental health issues though. But, that is a WHOLE topic for another day.

There are so erroneous beliefs about mental health in the Christian faith community and this keeps people in bondage.

I made a bold move earlier this year and launched my first podcast to help normalize the discussion of mental health from a Christian perspective.

I say this was a BOLD move because the only people who I had behind my vision was GOD and ME! I did not ask for permission from anyone. I’ve allowed Him and my creativity to guide me through this process.

Season two is wrapping up soon. You can check out my podcast here. You can find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google, Audible, Amazon, Stitcher and a lot of other places! Go ahead and locate it and follow so you can get notified of all the updates. Season two will end on December 28, 2022 and season three will begin on February 9, 2023. Starting in February, the podcast episodes will be released on the second and fourth Thursdays. I am juggling ALOT right now and this will be a better pace for me. I am more concerned with providing QUALITY content versus a MASS amount of content.

People need to have correct information so that they can live in freedom and be mentally well. Moving forward, all blog posts will be coordinated with my podcast and any events that I have coming up. So, if you are interested in either of those, please be sure to turn your notifications on.

2 responses to “It is not sinful to talk about mental health”

  1. Thanks for your contribution to educating on mental health. It’s a much-needed topic. The more it is a topic of discussion, the fewer people will be ashamed. People will no longer suffer in silence.


    1. Thank you for Nikita and your kind words! My goal is to help end stigma regarding mental health. . . if not for all at-least for a select few!


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