“What is my TRUE identity?” with Tonja Davis interview

I recently had a podcast episode with Tonja Davis, the warrior’s coach!

I recently attended one of her journaling labs and it was SUCH a blessing!   Ms Davis is an educator, an author, a minister, a non-profit owner, a certified life coach and a third level mental health coach.  She works to equip women with tools and strategies to shed the negative labels, rise up, and go forth in their true identity as a Daddy’s Little Girl by seeing God as Father. Ms Davis does this by equipping the Warrior within you to declare W.A.A.R. against the “lies” in your beliefs that block you from becoming all you were designed to be; Healed and Whole. She is most appreciative to God for being the mother of three beautiful daughters and three grandchildren.  

Today, Ms Davis and I are talking about her personal struggle with identity and how she was able to identify her true identity in Christ.  You can connect with Ms Davis on IG @thedaughtersplace or at her website.  Per Ms Davis, “Don’t read the Bible to find out what to do. Read the Bible to find out who you are. Because when you find out who you are, it WILL change what you do.”

You can listen to the podcast here:

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