Can I triumph through tears?

Season 2, Episode 7:

I am speaking with Jacqueline Smith about her grief journey as well as what helped her to successfully navigate this transitional period of her life. 

Jacqueline J. Smith is a wife, mother of two, a 23-year-old son, and a daughter who resides in heaven (forever 22).  Jacqueline is also a speaker, podcaster, podcast producer, and podcasting coach.  The tragic passing of her daughter in October 2019, led Jacqueline to become an advocate & support specialist for bereaved mothers.

Faith is the fuel that sustains Jacqueline in building her business, even in the midst of unimaginable grief. Her company, LSW Media Group assists aspiring podcasters with the development, production, promotion, and publication of their podcasts  The problems she solves for her tribe are planning, producing, promoting, and profiting from their podcasts. When she is not changing the world, Jacqueline can be found connecting with her Aquarian roots near any body of water.  Jacqueline enjoys photography, and watching planes defy gravity.

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