Can we talk about celibacy?

I had the privilege of speaking with JP Austin about her celibacy journey.  I discovered JP Austin through this article.  When I read that article, I said, I have to get to know her!  I am always so eager to see what she has to share on her IG page.  

Here’s some information about JP:

As a single millennial who has been actively practicing celibacy for nearly a decade, JP has learned to wrestle hard and wrestle well with God on topics of sex, singleness, and relationships.  And she has experienced God’s freedom, power, and redemptive purpose in her journey of navigating purity amid today’s culture.

In hearing the growing countless frustrations of her single girlfriends and close circles regarding singleness, sex, and dating, JP feels inspired to share her journey of navigating sex and relationships as a single Christian. Through her story, JP hopes to encourage this generation to begin to include Christ in their most intimate relational details and decisions. Discovering that any season surrendered to Christ, is a good one.

JP is the also the Creator of The Submissive Feminist Blog, a women’s blog committed to submitting to biblical truth for everyday living. More samples of her work can be found on her personal site,

DISCLAIMER:  Mindful Nuggets by Tasha T is a podcast that was created to uplift and inspire.  This podcast does not replace the process of sitting down with a mental health professional who can assist you with processing your own mental wellness journey.

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