Is this what I expected?

Season 2, Episode 3: Is this what I expected?

Today, I am talking to Joy Kitanga-Dabo about her experience with going from being a single lady to being married!  

Here’s some information about Joy: 

Joy is a servant of the LORD, wife, and mom (three young children: Gloria, Nyakeh and Joshua). Joy has learned to navigate through life with prayer and Scripture. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in a small village by Christian parents who showed her God’s love.

Joy had a strong conviction that God loved her at an early age and desired to know Him. However, that conviction was challenged when she was given away to a family member where she witnessed and learned about the impact of miscarriages. She also struggled with her faith as she was taught that to serve God one needed a special calling with spiritual gift. Consequently, her family experience and the faith struggle in the church left her feeling not good enough for God to work through her. Through counseling, prayer, and Scripture she rediscovered that love, built her faith and decided to share that knowledge of God’s love with everyone she meets.

She is the founder of God Imprints Ministries where she teaches, inspires, and encourages women and family to seek God and pray. She is a dynamic teacher who leads women’s Bible studies and mentor women who desire to grow and develop prayer strategy. She is excited to talk about women of the Bible, especially Hagar and the Samaritan Woman.

Joy loves hiking, spending time with family sharing food and playing games, listening to all genres of Christian music, writing (journaling) and resting on Sabbath. She is a respiratory therapist by profession, which she enjoys equally as her ministry.

You can connect with Joy on Instagram @GodImprints.

DISCLAIMER:  Mindful Nuggets by Tasha T is a podcast that was created to uplift and inspire.  This podcast does not replace the process of sitting down with a mental health professional who can assist you with processing your own mental wellness journey.

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