Navigating Transitions

I apologize for not blogging as as I have in the past. I’ve gone through a period of not having the motivation to blog. And then I have been going through some various transitions. I am actually also considering the next steps for my blog.

Being that some of my transition involves being in the public eye, I am trying to be a little intentional about what I share on my blog. If that makes any sense.

Let’s talk about transitions for a moment.

According to Manhattan CBT, “life transition is any change or adjustment that impacts your life in a significant way. We all experience transitions throughout our lives — big and small, planned and unplanned.”

If we live long enough, we will find ourselves going through a transition. Whether it be a high school student graduating from high school, starting college, starting a new job, getting married, having a baby, moving across country, having elderly parents move in with you, having children move in, becoming a grandparent, being laid off, getting divorced, having a medical diagnosis, receiving a mental health diagnosis or even death.

Transitions are no always planned but they are a part of life. How we deal with transitions matter.
How do you deal with transitions?

If you are contemplating making a transition, here are some steps that can help you:

  • Be clear of why you want to make this transition. What is the motivation for making this transition? How will it benefit you to make this transition? I made a transition because my current situation was weighing on my mental health. I could have spoken to a therapist and I did at one point. However, I knew that I needed to make an environmental change. Sometimes we can be hopeful that an environment and we end up sacrificing our mental health. I knew that this environment was causing me issues and this was my reason for making the change.
  • Prepare for your transition. If your transition involves financial things, are you prepared to make this transition? How can you prepare your finances for this transition? What are some things that you need to take of in your life before making this transition? You are wanting to have a baby? Do you know how much it costs to take care of a baby–not money wise but emotionally and physically too! Is that REALLY something that you want to or are able to do now?
  • Make steps for your transition. As you are preparing to make this decision, identify steps that you need to take to make it happen. If you are having a baby and know you have some fertility issues, then speaking with a specialist could be beneficial. If you are considering going back to school to get a degree, you could take some pre-reqs to make sure this is what you want to do. Think about steps that you could take that would be beneficial for you.

Now, there are other times when we have transitions that we have no control over. What do we do in those situations?

  • Be very kind to yourself. Sometimes the way that we speak to ourselves, we would not dare speak to anyone else. If you find yourself going through a difficult transition, affirm yourself. Remind yourself of your good qualities.
  • Try to put the situation into perspective. What is the bigger picture here? What caused this transition to happen? Was there something that you could have done to avoid this?
  • Create a plan for how you will move forward. It is important to develop a clear plan to move forward. How will you move forward? What do you need to do? Who can help you to move forward? What would you like to see happen in your life? Set goals and identify action steps that you could take.
  • Exercise. Going through a transition can be very stressful. Exercising can help to reduce the stress associated with going through a transition. Take a walk. Watch YouTube exercise videos. Move around. Practice yoga.
  • Find a hobby. It can be beneficial to have a hobby to help take your mind off of the stress associated with going through transitions. It could be coloring, reading or blogging. Find a way to take your mind off of the stress associated with the transition.
  • Get help if needed. If you are having a difficult time coping with the change, seeing a mental health professional could be helpful.

How do you deal with transitions?
Have you considered any of these tips?

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