Hello, December!

Has 2020 been an exciting year for anyone other than me? It seems like I have been taken on quite the ride. But I’m still riding. I refuse to let this year take me out.

I started off so anxious when it came to the pandemic and all the other madness. I would say that I’m in a good place right now though.

November was a good month for me. I completed ”Blog Like Crazy.” I made more blog posts in a month than I’ve made in the last year. I’m proud of myself. I was able to blog on such a variety of topics. That experience taught me that I have some stories inside of me.

I hate having these desires that never come into fruition. Yet being part of this challenge showed me what’s possible.

Besides to completing blog like crazy, I went hiking four times in the month of November! Here’s a picture from my last hiking trip:

I am able to write many goals but my follow through game has been weak! Here lately, I see that I CAN not only write goals but achieve them as well.

So what’s the plan for December?

I hope to continue to stay COVID free.

I also want to:

  • Write an essay for Reckon South
  • Blog three times a week
  • Go hiking with a group twice this month and with a friend twice
  • Only use social media two days a week this month
  • Empty these boxes in my house
  • Journal like crazy

Do you have goals?

Remember, your goal only needs to be meaningful to you. I would encourage you to set at least two goals for this month that you would like to accomplish.

So, hey girl, what’s your goal for the month?!

Believe in yourself and you are already halfway there! I’m rooting for you!

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