Show Some Appreciation!

Earlier in the week, my coworker brought this into my office. She told me how much she appreciated all that I did for her and others in the office. She wanted to give me a token of her appreciation. The bag had two bottles of hand sanitizer and a hand sanitizer holder. A holiday scent and a Eucalyptus Spearmint scent.

It wasn’t so much the gift that made me feel good, but the words of being appreciated made me feel good. Some people say that you shouldn’t wait for people to pat you on the back. But even children need praise to thrive. We, as adults, need to know that we are appreciated as well.

My coworker had no idea of the inner dialogue that I had with myself over that weekend. But her gift showed me that she saw me, I mattered and that my contribution was valuable to her.

My coworker gave me two more bags and told me to pass them along to someone else in my life. I thought about other people who might feel overlooked or undervalued. It feels great to know that someone values me and my contribution. However, there are people who need to receive the same thing.

So often, we get so inwardly focus on what we don’t have and neglect to give what we need to others. I think about someone who I know sharing that when he doesn’t feel loved, he gives love to others. He also said whatever he is in need of, he gives that to others.

We can so easily make life all about us. But if we are honest, being selfish is the surest way to misery. Showing appreciation to others helps to take the focus off of us. There’s someone who needs to know that they matter and they are appreciated. I encourage you to think of someone who needs to feel that they are appreciated and let them know.

There are many ways to show appreciation on Thanksgiving and throughout the year:

  • Simply say thank you
  • Write a letter
  • Pay for someone’s meal
  • Pay it forward
  • Help with a task

Can you think of someone in your life who needs to be shown appreciation?

How can you show them appreciation?

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