It’s ok to ask for help.

I saw this on social media and it resonated with me. I can say I love you or I’m sorry. Yet, asking for help is often difficult. And, saying that last word sounds like worship shower. Having a lisp doesn’t help. 
Yesterday, I discussed ways to maintain your mental health/ practice self care and asking for help is one of them
Asking help is difficult for me to do because I don’t want to appear to be weak.  Yet, when I do ask for help, I am so relieved!!! 
I recently experienced a situation that left me feeling a little hurt. I didn’t want to discuss it with my friends. But opening up my heart and sharing what was on my heart was a relief. We are not to hold on to pain. Sharing our struggles with our friends can give us a sense of relief and remind us that we are not alone. 
I’ve had to allow other people give me grocery, organize my cabinets and help me with garden work. Having help in these ways helps to free up my time and thus giving me time to do tasks that are less burdensome.
It looks wonderful to be an independent woman and to be able to get things done on your own but it gets heavy. I am learning to appreciate the value in allowing others to help me and asking for help when needed. It makes the journey through life so much easier. 
I hope that you understand that asking help does not mean that you are weak but that you know your limits.
Are there tasks that you could ask for help with?
Whats holding you back?
Challenge yourself to allowing someone to help you with a task.

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