Mental Health 101

There seems to be much confusion surrounding mental health and mental illness. This year has been pretty challenging for most of us. And our mental health has been impacted like never before. Mental health and mental illness might appear to be the same but they are different!

I hope that today’s blog entry will help you to have a better understanding of what mental health is, signs of poor mental health, ways to maintain mental health and where you can get help!
What is mental health?
Think of mental health as being something that everyone has.  It refers to mental wellness including how you feel, how you interact and connect with others with others, and how you go about living your life.
What impacts a person’s mental health?
There are various life events such as job loss, birth of a child, death, disappointment, injustice, etc, which might impact how you see yourself, others and life in general.
All of these events can impact your mental health!

What are some signs of poor mental health?

  • Easily irritated
  • Sad mood
  • Lost of sleep
  • Lack of energy
  • Confusion
  • Forgetfulness
  • Isolating yourself


How does a person manage their mental health? 

In order to manage mental health, it is important that individuals have tools to help them to navigate through life.  There are so many different terms for taking care of one’s self.  In today’s time, we call this “self-care.”
Self-care is simply finding ways to pour into one’s self before one pours in to others.  Self-care can also be another way of identifying ways to keep your brain healthy. Some activities to nurture one’s mental health through self-care include: 
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Meditating or Praying
  • Taking care of a plant
  • Stretching
  • Have a day which you do absolutely nothing
  • Religious or spiritual readings
  • Spending time with those who refresh you
  • Exercising
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Drinking water
  • Eating healthy meals
  • Adult coloring books
  • Organizing or purging your space

Hiking is a way that I practice self-care and maintain my mental health!

If you would like to screen your personal mental health, you can find screenings here.  Be honest.  The more honest you are, the better are the chances that you will be able to detect where you are and receive the help that you need.

What should I do if I am struggling with my mental health?  

  • Visit Psychology Today to help you locate a counselor or therapist near you.  
  • If you find yourself in a crisis mode and need someone to talk, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Line @ 800-273-8255 (TALK) to be directed to your local crisis center line!  
  • You can also text MHA to 741741 to speak to someone via text.
  • If you are having thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself, you should dial 911 immediately or have someone take you to the nearest emergency room so that you can be evaluated.  

Help For Yourself

Help for Someone Else 

If you need help in regards to this, you can email me at or find me on Instagram @SincereleeTasha.

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker but I don’t claim to know it all. 

Feel free to conduct your own research.  

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