Five Tips for Dealing With Uncomfortable Emotions

I went live on Instagram as an opportunity to “check-in” with others.  This election week is exhausting, and I think it is essential to manage our emotions during these times.  Recently, I came up with an acronym to deal with fear called “ARTSY.”  However, this acronym could be used to deal with any emotions. 

  • Acknowledge the emotion
  • Research the issue that’s causing the emotion 
  • Talk to someone about what you’re feeling
  • Shift your perspective 
  • Your life is valuable, and you have a purpose 

These are tips and do not have to go in a particular order.  And, you don’t have to complete all of these tips.  You might resonate with one of these tips.  If that is the case, take that one tip and work through it. 

You can find a more vivid description of these tips below:  

Acknowledge the emotion  

Sometimes, we try to hide our fear or act like our emotions don’t bother us.  I do not think that it is healthy to ignore our feelings.  When we acknowledge our feelings, it helps us to heal and move forward.  I remember telling someone that I was jealous of them. The person was nice about my randomness, but I had a difficult time forgiving myself for telling that person that.  I don’t advise telling someone that you have a negative emotion towards them but acknowledge it to yourself.  

Research the issue that’s causing you that emotion 

We must get to the root of what is causing that emotion.  In my particular situation, I did not think that I would experience what I wanted.  I could have instead looked up scriptures that encouraged me—or watched videos about how women my age were handling their singleness. Having the information that we need can help us to have less intense emotions.   

Talk to someone about it 

We need to share what we are dealing with a “safe” person.  That person can be a therapist, a trusted friend, a mentor, or someone on the crisis line.  Sometimes acknowledge our fear can cause us to feel stuck.  It is essential to have someone in our life that we can talk to and process what we are dealing with.  

Shift your perspective 

It is essential as we are dealing with our emotions to shift our perspective.  One way to go our perspective is by exploring the situation and the automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come with it and looking at a different perspective on the situation.  You can go to this link to complete this activity.  

Your life is valuable and you have a purpose

Remember that regardless of the emotions that you might find yourself experiencing, your life is still valuable.  It is not the end.  You are still able to move forward and do something significant with your life.  

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