4 Questions to Help you to Find your Keys

One morning, I decided to call a friend for a brief catch up.  I had not spoken to her in a while and was determined to talk to her as part of my “checking in” with people for this week.  While I was enjoying talking to her, I allowed myself to get a little distracted. 

I realized that I could not find my office key.  I looked through my bag and could not find the key anywhere.  I decided that I had just left my key at home and would use one of my coworker’s key to get into my office.  

Have you ever lost your keys?  I’m not talking about your office keys or car keys but the keys that make you who you are as a person. 

  • Your voice 
  • Your smile 
  • Your faith 
  • Your passion
  • Your joy 
  • Your focus
  • Your purpose 

Have you thought about what has caused you to lose your keys?  Maybe it is an event that has taken place in your life.  It could be a job that you have been in for longer than you should have. It could be an unhealthy relationship that you are a part of.  Maybe you’ve lost a loved one who was really special to you. 

We sometimes experience things in life that can really hit us at our core. It is imperative to spend time with ourselves to figure out what has caused us to lose our keys.  I created an Election Self-Care Plan and I identified that I would check in with other people. And, I was true to that.  But, it is essential that we also check in with ourselves.  

Questions to ask yourself when you feel like you have lost your keys:

  • When was the last time that I felt joyful?  peaceful? confident? 
  • What brings me joy? peace? confidence? 
  • What is one way that I can find joy today? peace? confidence?   
  • What is one thing that I am proud of and can celebrate today?  

Click here for a printable worksheet.  

I was determined to find those keys.  I decided to look through my bag again once I got into my office.  I touched my jacket pocket and then touched the pocket on my scrub top.  My keys were in the pocket of my scrub top!  I had to text my friend and say, ”my keys were in my scrub top!”  She laughed and I laughed. I forgot that I put my keys in the pocket before I left the house. 

Where are your keys hiding? I hope this worksheet helps you to find your keys again.

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