I Am Thankful for Women Who Support Me

On Wednesday, I attended the first session of a four series virtual women’s conference. Debra Nelson of Elevate LLC facilitated this session of the conference. The theme of her presentation was “Women Supporting Other Women.”

One of the quotes that stood out to me was:

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

Where would I be in life without the many women who have encouraged, supported and believed in me? Today, I am grateful for the many women who have enriched my life by seeing and believing in me. Because of what they have done for me, I have a desire to do the same for others. I am grateful for younger women with whom I can share my life experiences with. As women have people to believe in us, we can pass that same on to others.

Throughout Ms. Nelson’s presentation, she discussed ways that women can support one another. Two of the ways that Ms. Nelson identified that we can support other women included:

Speaking up when a woman’s ideas are being dismissed. She gave the example that sometimes a woman will have an idea and because she’s a woman, her ideas are dismissed. Whereas, the same idea might be presented by a man and it is accepted. When this happens, we need to speak up. That’s happened to me before and it is not a good feeling.

When you hear of an opportunity, say “I know a woman. Mention a woman’s name when you hear of an opportunity and let her know about it.

There are many ways that we can support other women:
  • Be a mentor.
  • Don’t gossip about another woman.
  • If you hear of a woman having a difficult time, encourage her.
  • Share resources that could benefit another women without expecting anything in return.

What about you, how are you supporting other women?

Is there a woman in your life who has supported you?
Tell her thank you!


  1. Thank you Cherith for reading! Sometimes I have to remind myself of just how much I am loved and supported. That conference was so amazing which is why I couldn't catch all her tips! LOL


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