Is your image a true story?

Our lives have a way of writing stories.  These stories are sometimes a stretch of who are in an attempt to be accepted by people.  Interestingly, regardless of the image that we “try” to portray, the real us ends up being revealed. 

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It’s like dating someone new. At first, you wear all this makeup and dress up in order to impress the person and to look your best. Anyway, as you start to get to know that person, you might stop wearing makeup, and then the person can see your scars. You might even go from being dressed up when you all spend time together to just wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and sweat pants with random holes in them. If the person that you are dating is truly genuine and really into you, they will not be phased by those scars or you not being dressed your best. They are just into you. 

I think that the same is true in our interactions with other people. Those who are truly for us will love us despite all of our scars and imperfections. So, why stretch who you are? 

During these quarantine times, I’ve spent a lot of time with myself. And one thing that I have discovered is that I am done trying to keep up with appearances. I can not truly grow as a person if I am not being authentic. 

What are some signs of being inauthentic (or hypocrisy)? 

  • Place all these rules on others but those same rules don’t apply to them. 
  • Have all the answers but these answers do not apply to them. 
  • Want others to do more than they will do themselves. 
  • Openly speaking against an issue but struggle with that issue in private. 
  • Concerned with keeping up with appearances vs being a genuine person. 
  • Live a double life. 

Do you see some of these signs in yourself? I know that I’ve been guilty of displaying some of these myself. Specifically, having all the answers but not necessarily applying my advice to myself. 

I believe that we can be restored, even after going through periods of inauthenticity.  Jesus came for those who are troubled, not those who have it all together.  That’s what I believe and what I’m sticking to.  

These are some steps that I suggest for moving pass inauthenticity:  

  • Repent and ask for forgiveness. 
  • Apologize to those who you have deceived.
  • Meditate on scriptures. 
  • Pray.  
  • Trust God to move your life in a new direction.  
  • Develop genuine friendships with others. 
  • Lastly, please go see a therapist. 

Proverbs 11:14 says: 

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” 

If you need assistance to finding a therapist, here are some helpful links: 

Psychology Today

Tips for finding a therapist/counselor

Follow me on instagram @sincereleetasha to chat more.  


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