When your appetite changes, your life will change

Last Saturday, I went to do my weekly grocery shopping. Yes, even though we are in a pandemic, I still do grocery shopping weekly.  

I like to shop at Aldi’s for my grocery.  In addition to have wonderful prices, they have a nice array of items.  I often find exactly what I am looking for and a lot of what I’m not looking for when I go to Aldi’s.  Because of this, its best that I have a shopping list so I can stay focused. 

Prior to my shopping, I was a little frustrated about an area of my life.  After I finished shopping, I had this thought saying “When your appetite change, your life will change.”  This caught me off guard. 

My appetite is not always for God and what He wants me to do.  A lot of the time, my appetite desires to be as comfortable as possible.  I heard a message this week about “comfort.”  The message was that sometimes we seek comfort now and end up being uncomfortable later! 

Example, I want to eat what I want to eat.  So, if I want chicken wings, a burger and fries, pizza, sushi or whatever it is today, I will get that. It doesn’t matter that all of these items are high in sodium or fat.  If I want, I can have it.  This type of thinking is so childish and shows such a lack of discipline. 

Choosing a life of comfort or not denying myself is the same as having a lack of discipline or self-control. 

As a Christian woman who is maturing in my faith, my life is to exhibit a certain level of restraint.  I can’t always say what I want to people.  I dont need to know what people think about me.  I cant always go where I want to go.  I really should not be spending hours on social media just scrolling.  I must find ways to prioritize my time and be consistent with this.  

I will choose to add exercise to my life so that I can stay in shape.  I will drink water consistently so I can be hydrated and my body’s organs will be cleaned. I will eat healthy foods because I would much rather manage my health on this end versus trying to manage health conditions.  I will manage my words because there are people in my life who I love. I have to be careful about what I say to them for the sake of maintaining my relationships with them.  In order for me to be respected, I must respect others on my job, in my family, in my friendships, in my communities and in other areas. 

I desire more of God in all areas of my life.  Not for what He can give me but considering all that He has done for me, I need to let Him lead me.  He has a plan that He is allowing me to be a part of and I need to make sure that I am handling my part appropriately.  

I desire more of God and less of Tasha.  

So, what is impacting your appetite?  If it is leading you to be disappointed, maybe, its time for your appetite to change so that your life can change.  

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