“Stop asking for permission!”

On Saturday, I started listening to Girl Trek’s 21 days of resistance podcast. . . I was a little late to the party but nonetheless, I am catching up on the episodes and they are powerful!

I learned about Bree Newsome. And she was a person who did not ask for permission. She saw that something needed to be done and did it. There was a quote presented to not ask for permission to save ourselves. That was powerful!

So, you don’t know who Bree Newsome is?  She is JUST the young lady climbed up the pole and took down the Confederate Flag in June 2015.  Maybe this picture will help you to recall that event. . 

This was a HUGE deal.  She went to jail for doing this.  
I remember hearing about this event but I did not think too closely about it. 
Now, lets go back to that quote “Stop asking for permission to save yourself.” I admit that I had to rewind the podcast a couple times to make sure that I heard that quote correctly and the context of it.  
Sometimes we can be very passive in getting involved in what matters because we want others to validate us.  But truthfully, we don’t have to ask for permission to save ourselves. We do not have to ask for permission from anyone to do anything of significance in this life.   
Sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed about my purpose. 
Now, mind you, I work in the helping profession.  I have been a “helper” all my life.  I can remember being in elementary school and being the girl who was drafted to help the new student in class.  I was that person in school for many years.  As the years went by, I became the person who wanted to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. I believe that God has allowed me to do that in so many ways.  
Sometimes I feel like I am doing too much or doing stuff just to be doing it.  These are all good things but even good things can be purposeless.  
I don’t know Bree Newsome personally but I am so proud of her for writing history and showing our generation and the generations behind us that they do not have to ask for permission in speaking up against injustice. 

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