Why Are You Still Here?

I am currently a fan of audible books! 

I started listening to “I Am Still Here” by Austin Channing Brown. . .and completed it on Thursday.  

It was so good that I had to keep listening it until I completed it.  

I guess you can sense my excitement about audible books and particularly, “I Am Still Here: “.  Prior to reading this book, I did not listen to the Austin Channing Brown’s talk with Brene Brown or even look at the reviews of the book.  I saw the title and said “Oooh, this could be good.”  I really enjoyed the author’s transparency and for taking us on a journey through her life and overall experience.  It has been very refreshing to listen to. These various experiences helped her to realize why she is still here. . . 

However, the title really resonated with me.

Have you ever thought about why you are still here? 

Have you ever thought about what gives your life purpose? 

That is a very important question to ponder.  

Sometimes we have dreams and ambitions and we think that those things or experiences summarize the reason why we are here. However, they are only a portion of it.  I believe that we had a purpose placed in us the day that we born.  However, our various life experiences help guide us to our purpose.   

My purpose is to educate others on mental illness and how it impacts an individual and their family.  There are many people who do not think that mental illness is a real thing. Just like there are many people who don’t believe that racial and social injustice is a real thing.  It is easy to put your head in the sand or wear rose colored glasses when an issue either does not affect your personally or you just don’t want to deal with it.  

This is the reason why we have to be in touch with our purpose. There are people that we can influence.  We won’t be able to impact everyone but there are some people who will be impacted as we live out our mission.

Austin Channing Brown was not sure who would read her book or how others would be to her story.  

The same is true for us.

We are not sure who will be impacted by our story. Some people will embrace our story and others will look away but we still must share our experience of where we have come from.  We must not be ashamed of our journey or sharing parts of it with others. 

I will gladly share my hurts, my happiness, my misfortunes and hopes as it could impact someone’s life for the better and it is just refreshing to share my journey.  

Remember that you are still here for a reason!  Everyone is not here for the fight of social injustice but you still have a very special purpose.  I would encourage you to think of your purpose and your life mission.  Write it down if you have to and keep it close to you. 

ADDENDUM on August 29, 2020:  I listened to a sermon from my pastor and he said that our purpose is to trust God.  

I believe that if we are a Christian and/or believer in Jesus Christ, our purpose is to bring God glory with our life.  However, there are different tasks that God entrusts us with while we are on this earth.  

So yes, we are to trust God and make the name of Jesus Christ known throughout the land. That is an incredible purpose.  But there are specific daily tasks and missions that we must fulfill as well.  Even while working in our vocation, exercising, eating, traveling, adovcating or whatever it might be, we can still trust God and make His name great.  Let’s be careful not to put what it means to live in faith in Jesus Christ into a box. 

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